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EZ Maintenancefor Windows
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  • Schedule All Maintenance
  • Equipment & Vehicles
  • Full Inventory Control
  • P.O.s, RFBs, Invoices
  • Work Orders, Bar Coding
  • Emergency Work Orders
  • Email Alerts
  • QuickBooks Link
  • Send Work To Vendors
  • Customer/Vendor Tracking
  • Track Customers
  • Maintenance Histories
  • Access Passwords
  • Supervisory Control
  • And Much More!
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Web CMMS Software

Web CMMS Software

EZ Maintenance Software, the award-winning equipment and vehicle maintenance program, is now available as a full-featured, Internet CMMS program.

In its original form as a multi-user/network ready program, the market proven EZ Maintenance Software is in continuing use by hundreds of firms world wide.   EZ Maintenance customers range from small companies to such firms as Disney, G.E., Lockheed, Los Alamos Labs, Northrop and many others with a client list that grows daily.  

Now the entire, full-featured EZ Maintenance Software program is available for access and use as an Internet preventive maintenance program.

EZ Maintenance as designed for installation on a local network as a non-Internet product is priced at $2,495.00 complete.   This extremely economical price, coupled with user-friendly features for tracking all maintenance on unlimited numbers of pieces or equipment or vehicles, generated immediate acceptance in the marketplace.   As sales of EZ Maintenance have increased, so too have the requests for a Web-based EZ Maintenance program for Internet CMMS which can be accessed and used by anyone who has a connection to the Internet.  

We are pleased to now offer such an ASP CMMS product:   EZ Maintenance Web.  

EZ Maintenance Web CMMS , as a fully interactive online maintenance software program, offers every feature which has made the EZ Maintenance "box" product so popular, plus additional features to take advantage of the power of the Internet. Coupled with EZ Maintenance's standard capabilities, these additional online preventive maintenance features will allow users of all kinds to utilize EZ Maintenance Web, from those who need to track equipment and vehicles, to property managers and companies who want tenants or customers to be able to submit maintenance requests via the Internet, to service companies who use independent contractors to provide required maintenance.   Best of all, the fees to use EZ Maintenance Web as an Internet based maintenance tracking software product are the most competitive in the industry.   In short, EZ Maintenance Web is affordable for companies of any size, large or small.

EZ Maintenance's standard features, all of which will be available in EZ Maintenance Web as online CMMS, include the controlling, tracking, and scheduling of maintenance for unlimited numbers of pieces of equipment or vehicles.   Internet fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking includes tires, licenses and driver information, along with all maintenance.   Among its many features, EZ Maintenance produces work orders, including "emergency" work orders; tracks and controls all inventory, provides complete maintenance histories, including costs; and schedules maintenance by hours of use, by calendar (days, weeks, months, etc.), or by mileage.   For equipment maintenance tracking and control, EZ Maintenance Web Internet equipment maintenance software is complete with all required features.   As an Internet fleet maintenance software for vehicles, in addition to all maintenance tracking, EZ Maintenance also tracks fuel and mileage use, producing logs for each.   These features and many more are included in the Internet version of EZ Maintenance.   Optional, additional features added specifically for the use of EZ Maintenance Web maintenance software via the Internet include:

Ø       EZ Maintenance Web CMMS software allows users to set up a password protected company account with as many password protected individual log ins as may be needed for employees.   Further, if a user has divisions for which maintenance is to be tracked separately, each division can be set up as a password protected "sub account" under the main account.   When this is done, each division will have its own separate maintenance tracking and scheduling account on EZ Maintenance Web, each of which can be accessed and reviewed by designated users of the main company account.

Ø       If a user of EZ Maintenance Web wishes for their customers to be able to submit maintenance requests, this feature is available.   Not only does EZ Maintenance Web allow for customer submission of work requests, but when appropriate those requests can be designated "urgent", in which case an alert is sent for immediate action. Each customer receives their unique log in code, and their own report showing the status of each work order request they have submitted.

Ø       If a user of EZ Maintenance Web provides maintenance services to customers by using sub contractors, EZ Maintenance Web service maintenance software provides the capability to assign work orders to sub contractors and for those sub contractors to use a unique log in to access work orders assigned to them (after being alerted by E Mail).   Once the sub-contractor completes the work, EZ Maintenance Web allows the sub contractor to close the work order and prepare an invoice.   This invoice from the subcontractor can be marked up and forwarded to the customer for whom the work was done, and even transferred to an accounting program.  

In sum, EZ Maintenance Web online preventive maintenance software opens up the tracking, scheduling, and management of maintenance for any purpose to a world wide connection.   No matter where maintenance requirements or customers are located, no matter where employees may be based or traveling, handling maintenance and accessing real time, up to the minute information is as simple as hooking up to the Internet and logging on to EZ Maintenance Web.

For full information and a review of all of EZ Maintenance's features, please click where indicated below or call Pinacia Inc. at 1-818-396-8550.

Thank you!