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Setting Up Inventory & Purchasing
Click here to see a video on Introduction.
Inventory & Purchasing Introduction
Before you start using the Inventory & Purchasing module in EZ Maintenance, there are a few things that you need to know.  From the main menu of EZ Maintenance, you will notice a button called Preferences.  Clicking the Preferences button will bring you to this screen, where you can choose between three different Inventory settings.
Full Inventory Tracking will allow you to check inventory in and out, issue purchase orders, deduct work order materials from inventory, and use the complete Inventory module.
Price List Only will track only the prices of your Inventory items, including the cost and markup.
None will disable the entire Inventory module, and EZ Maintenance will function as if there were no Inventory module built in.
Another thing to note regarding the Inventory & Purchasing module of EZ Maintenance is that materials and parts used to complete work orders are automatically deducted from inventory levels.   
For example, the work order screen to the right is ready to be closed out and saved into the Equipment history.  When clicking on OK to save and exit out of the work order, you are prompted with two separate questions.
1. Do you wish to Update Materials Used Inventory when the Work Order is Saved?

2. Do you wish to Update Replacement Parts Inventory when the Work Order is Saved?

Answering Yes to both of these questions will allow EZ Maintenance to automatically deduct all material and parts used in the work order from the inventory list, and adjust all of the inventory levels accordingly.   
It is also important to know that while inside a work order, if a material or part should ever fall below a minimum reorder level, which is set when you create your list of materials and parts, the operator will be given the opportunity to issue a purchase order for more materials or parts right from the work order screen.  


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Setting Up Inventory & Purchasing