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Watch a Video about Tracking Inventory in EZ Maintenance

Tracking Your Inventory Using EZ Maintenance

EZ Maintenance has a complete inventory tracking system that tracks the quantity on hand for all of your inventory items along with many other features.

EZ Maintenance also automatically deducts items from inventory that are used in work orders. EZ Maintenance tracks the date on which the quantity of an item was used in the work order and the quantity/amount that was used. When inventory is received, the quantity that is received and the date on which it was received is recorded. In other words, for each type of inventory item you track in EZ Maintenance, the program keeps a complete record of when items are used and deducted from inventory, when they are received, and also when more than necessary was checked out and needs to be returned to the inventory.

At this window you can track all of your inventory and see the levels of each item you are tracking:

Each inventory item you are tracking is shown in this window. The name of each inventory item is shown along with its unique tracking number, whether it is a material that is used in maintenance or an entire replacment part, and the quantity of it you have in stock. You can also see, at a glance, whether the inventory item is at a normal level, a low level, or at a critically low level based on the color that the quantity is displayed in (green means normal, yellow means low, and red means critically low and that some more should be reordered.

At this window you'll also see the list of transactions for the selected inventory item:

For each transaction, the date of the transaction is shown along with its type (e.g. Check Out, Check In, or Return), and the quantity. A check out transaction is when a quantity is removed from the inventory for use; for example, EZ Maintenance, automatically creates check out transactions and deducts from the inventory quantity when an item is used in a work order. A check in transaction is when a quantity is received into inventory; EZ Maintenance also automatically creates a check in transaction and adds to the inventory quantity when the Inventory Receiving feature of EZ Maintenance is used. A return transaction is made when a quantity of an inventory item was checked out which was more than needed, and the remaining quantity needs to be returned to inventory.

You can create Check In, Check Out, and Return transactions yourself using the three buttons to the right:

Entering New Inventory Items into EZ Maintenance

To enter new inventory items into EZ Maintenance to track them, just click on the New button below the list of inventory items. This takes you to a form where you fill out the information for the new inventory item:

The following information can be entered for the inventory item:

Basic information about the inventory item: it's unique item number, its name, the date on which the item is entered into EZ Maintenance, the vendor from whom you prefer to buy this item, and the manufacturer. You can also specify the unit in which this item is measured (e.g. "Quart" for motor oil.)

Cost and Pricing: you can also enter the cost per unit for this inventory item and the markup you charge when selling this item to your customers. The cost plus the markup is automatically calculated and displayed in the Price field.

A detailed description of the inventory item: enter a detailed description of the item into the Long Description field.

Alternative identifying ID numbers: you can also enter alternative identifying numbers into the ID Code 1 and ID Code 2 fields. These can be used, for example, to enter item codes that your suppliers might use.

Whether the item is a material or a replacement part and whether it is used in equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenance, or both.

Quantity Information: you can enter the quantity currently on hand, the minimum level allowed in inventory, the maximum level allowed in inventory, and the quantity at which you re-order this inventory item.

Where this item is stored: enter where the item is stored in the Warehouse Location field.

Clicking on the OK button after all of the information has been entered for the inventory item puts the item into EZ Maintenance for tracking.

Using Barcoding with Inventory Items

EZ Maintenance also has a feature that lets you print barcode labels for your inventory items and then scan them to locate them in the software. The following is a sample printout containing barcodes produced by EZ Maintenance:

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