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Tour Vehicle Module

Vehicle Service SETUP Detail Page
Vehicle Names allows you to quickly sort and find vehicles by category. Many businesses such as shipping companies, bus operators, car rental companies, etc., have multiple vehicles of the same kind. An example would be a company that owns ten limousines, six vans, and four pickup trucks. The license plate or VIN and/or their own internal number for each limousine would uniquely identify each of the ten, but you shouldn't have to type "limousine" ten times, while creating records for each of them. Instead, in the vehicle names section, you enter limousine once and EZM makes that Vehicle Name available in drop down menus so you can use it as many times as you need it with a simple click of the mouse.
Note: In another are of EZ Maintenance (Vehicles to Service), you will create unique records for the individual vehicles of the same Vehicle Name.
Vehicle Classifications allows you to quickly sort vehicles in broad categories by group or by physical location. An example by group could be �delivery� or �rental� under which all vehicles that do delivery work or are available for rent would be itemized. An example of physical location could be where the vehicles are actually garaged, such as �Los Angeles warehouse� or �San Diego office�, etc. As a further example, if your company maintains vehicles under contract for other firms, you can use Vehicle Classification to designate all vehicles you are maintaining for that particular company: �Jones, Inc.� or �Mary�s Corp.�. The Vehicle Classification feature is a time-saver that allows you to find groups of vehicles quickly and easily.
Service Types define the names, but not the specifics, of all the different kinds of recurring services that need to be performed on your vehicles. Types of service can range from a particular such as �tune-up�, to multiple general maintenance procedures grouped together, like �yearly overhaul�. A Service Type can include anywhere from one service to a list of multiple services commonly performed on the same occasion. Only the names of different Service Types are saved. Note: The specifics of Service Types are defined within each Service Profile you later create for each kind of vehicle. For example a �10,000 mile Service� for an automobile is quite different from a �10,000 mile Service� for a passenger bus, but EZ Maintenance allows you to use the term �10,000 mile Service� in both cases.
Materials section allows you to list all of the individual materials (oil, spark plugs, etc.) needed to perform each vehicle service. Assign a Material Number to each Material Name in order to track them more easily and precisely. For example, an �Oil Filter� for a Van will be a different Material Number than the �Oil Filter� for a Limousine. After being entered the one time in SETUP, Materials will be available in drop down menus throughout EZ Maintenance.
Parts details specific subassemblies of a vehicle, such as transmission, power steering unit, or air conditioning compressor, which are to be serviced during a regularly scheduled maintenance. When Service Profiles are created, a drop down menu allows an operator to select specific Parts of a vehicle that might need maintenance along with other routine service that has to be performed. For example, a �fifty thousand mile service� may include specific work to be done on the transmission and brakes, which would be listed as specific Parts to service, along with the other procedures to be performed as part of the �fifty-thousand mile service�.
Services name the specific vehicle maintenances to be performed. Words, numerical code, or both can identify the Services. Services are the various types of specific maintenance to be performed, such as �oil change� or �coolant system flush�. Each specific Service is detailed step-by-step, in Operations, for later creating vehicle Service Profiles. Once this information has been entered, you can produce a Work Order for an �oil change� on a point and click basis.
Operations list the complete description, the actual �how-to�, in performing each specific step in completing a Vehicle Service. After entering an Operation Name, double click on the �Memo� field. Operation Descriptions are essential in quickly creating Work Orders and Service Profiles. The Memo field allows an operator to enter precise, even lengthy descriptions--up to a full 8 1/2 by 11 page of detailed instructions of exactly how to perform the Operation. The Operations appear on a Work Order in the sequence in which they are to be performed to complete a service procedure for your vehicle. The Operations listed in SETUP will be available throughout EZ Maintenance on a point and click basis for use in developing performance instructions.
A Service Profile provides an exact description of the scheduled, preventative service for each vehicle, essentially providing the when, what and how needed to maintain that vehicle. A particular vehicle will have multiple and recurring service events, (i.e.: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) in the course of a year. Each event must be described in detail listing all the operations and specific materials, etc. required to perform the service. Doing this over and over again for each vehicle, (same make and model, for example) is time consuming. The Service Profile area is designed to allow an operator to set up a profile for the maintenance on a particular kind of vehicle one time and then be able to use that set up for maintenance on similar kinds of vehicles on a point and click basis. For example, if your company has ten vans, you would create a Service Profile for van and then select this profile from the drop down menu when entering new vans; all service events will automatically be set up for the new van entered and it�s maintenance scheduling will begin from that date onward. This saves a lot of data entry time and ensures that no steps will be left out. You can see the Service Profile is a key element of EZ Maintenance, as it is a valuable time & trouble saving feature.
Vehicle Service Profile is a complete listing of service steps, including the date and mileage intervals to perform each type of service. If you have several of the same make of vehicle, such as GMC trucks, which have a lot of service procedures to do, you only need to reference the Service Profile for that vehicle.
Begin by entering in a Profile name. Once you have entered in the name, along with an optional description, look at the bottom half of the screen. You will notice that it is divided into two tabs. Under each tab is listed information about the Service Profile.
List of Required Services tab allows you to select any of the service types that were entered in earlier from SETUP by using a drop down menu. Clicking on �New� will allow you to create a new service type and open up a new window for you to enter in the appropriate information. You can select a service type and click �Edit� to view all of the information from that service type.
Checklist of On Board Parts & Supplies is a valuable feature for a user to create a checklist of additional materials that must be kept on a particular vehicle, to be used in the Driver�s work, for example, safety equipment, first aid kits, etc.
The Checklist can be printed for inclusion in the vehicle itself or for the driver or management to ensure that everything that is supposed to be on that vehicle actually is.
Add Service Profile Detail
Note: For demonstration purposes the above screen is displayed because Routine Maintenance was selected as the Service Type to Edit.

Begin by selecting a Service Type from the drop down menu at the top of the screen. This menu contains all of the Service Types that have been entered in SETUP.
Service Frequency allows you to define how often the servicing needs to be performed, based on the number of months or the number of miles, whichever happens to come first. You may also enter in a Mileage Flag which will pop up to alert you 500 miles before the maintenance is actually due if it�s tagged by mileage.
The table at the bottom of the screen contains a listing of the Services, which correspond to this Service Profile. The table will display the Service Code and the Service Description for each Service you enter.
Service Details allows you to enter the specific information for each service and is separated into three categories, divided by tabs. Each category draws its data from the information entered in the vehicle SETUP screen. Begin by selecting a Service Code from the drop down menu on the top of the screen; then the Service Description field is automatically filled.
Materials Required tab allows you to enter in all of the Materials that you will need to perform this service by Material Number and Material Name, along with the Quantity required. Clicking New will highlight an empty row with a drop down menu under the �Material Number� column.
List of Operations allows you to define the Operations that will be involved in servicing each vehicle, listing them in the sequence to perform, for example, a �Transmission check�.
Click New to select a new row. Begin by entering a sequence number, then select the Operation Name in the center column using the drop down menu, and any information previously entered into the Memo field from the Operations SETUP screen will be loaded automatically. Double click in the Operation Description column to view anything that has been previously entered into that field. If you change the information from this window, the information will be updated throughout all of EZ Maintenance.
Checklist of Parts to Service
This table will display all of the specific vehicle parts, which will need to be serviced during the maintenance of the vehicle. Click New and a new row will be selected again. Click on the drop down menu to display all of the Parts Codes, along with their corresponding descriptions. Choose the one that will coincide with the current Servicing you are creating and the Part Description will be filled automatically.