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Tire Tracking

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Sample Reports

The Drivers section includes all personal information of each driver, including their driver�s licenses and expiration dates, as well as any incidents involving a particular driver.
Driver Details contains all of the information about any specific driver. It contains a Driver Number to easily sort through the drivers that you have, and view their unique personal details. The table at the bottom of the screen lists all of the licenses the driver may have. Simply click on New and enter in the License Name, Number, Expiration Date, and State. You may enter in as many different licenses as the driver has; can include health certificates. EZ Maintenance uses the expiration dates to track when the driver�s license will expire. Management can print a report of all expiring licenses at any time.
Print List prints all of the drivers you currently have saved in your database, along with their Driver No., License Name, and State in which it is registered.
The arrow buttons on the bottom will scroll through all of the driver entries in the database.
The & buttons will jump to the first and last entry, respectively, while the and buttons will scroll through the database one record at a time.
Driver Incidents is used to record Driver Incidences which can range from tickets to more serious offenses. Tracking the details can be very important for insurance purposes.

By simply entering the expiration dates when you initially set up a vehicle or driver, EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software will automatically warn you 30 days in advance of the expiration date.

Expiring Driver�s Licenses generates a report with a mouse click listing all driver licenses (including health certificates) set to expire within the next 30 days, or within a date range as set by you. All drivers� licenses that have been entered into EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software are organized according to driver. The printed report will display the expiration date of each of the licenses so that you will know when each driver needs to renew their license and you may remind them accordingly. This is a powerful liability feature to help prevent any of your driver�s from working for your company without a current license.

Expiring Vehicle Licenses creates a report that lists vehicle licenses that expire within the next 30 days. This useful tool tracks each vehicle license, preventing you from falling behind in registration; thereby keeping your vehicles from being driven with an expired license.
Click here to see a sample Expiring Driver�s Licenses Report
Click here to see a sample Expiring Vehicle Licenses Report
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Tire Tracking
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Sample Reports
1. Can we enter and track driver information and driver incidents?
  Yes , EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software allows for the entry of all driver information and the recording of any driver's accidents.