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Maintenance Due Reports
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Maintenance History
Click here to see a video on Maintenance Due Report.
Maint. History View/Approve/Edit is the one central place to view all closed Work Orders. This is a handy feature that can save time for a supervisor ensuring that all closed Work Orders have also been approved.
Note: A user with a mid-level password is authorized to close, but not approve a Work Order.

Work Order Record Approval provides a listing of the Work Orders that have been closed and are no longer available from the Maintenance Due screens. A user with the proper password may approve or edit these closed Work Orders if necessary.

Locate a Work Order in EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software by using the scroll bar, or by entering the equipment's Manufacturer Serial Number, Internal Control Number or by the Work Order number, itself. A supervisor can highlight the Work Order that needs to be edited, and simply click Edit to access the Work Order data.

Edit Approve allows a supervisor to view all Work Order detail, including who performed and approved the closed Work Order. If the Work Order is closed, but pending approval, it can be approved using this screen. Notes or Exceptions to the Work Order may also be added.

The Supervisor can enter the Total Labor Hours that were required to complete the preventative maintenance, the actual Labor Cost to perform this maintenance, the Materials Cost, and the Equipment Down Time. After the Work Order is closed, all this detail the Supervisor entered will appear in the preventative maintenance history of this piece of equipment.
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Maintenance Due Reports
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Maintenance History