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Setting Up EZ Maintenance
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Click here to see a video on Entering and Viewing Equipment.
Viewing and Entering Equipment
Viewing List of Entered Equipment The lower half of the screen lists all equipment entered, for the scheduling and tracking of preventative maintenance, thus far. You may sort or list equipment by three means:

Equipment Class Filter If you wish to sort by physical location, including client sites, choose the specific Class Filter from the drop-down menu. By leaving Class Filter blank (or choosing None) to view all locations, all the equipment entered into EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software will be listed in the lower screen.
Type to Locate Select the equipment detail you wish to enter for sorting purposes, then type in that detail, and click Locate. The particular equipment piece you've chosen will be highlighted in the lower screen.
Scan a Barcode to Locate Select the Barcode scan format, then scan the equipment Barcode, and click Locate. The particular equipment piece you've scanned will be highlighted in the lower half of the screen.
Entering New Equipment When creating a new Equipment Record in EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software you would enter the following information:
Equipment Unit ID Numbers are specific control numbers assigned to a particular piece of equipment.
Equipment Unit Description utilizes the drop-down menus for Name (general name categories previously entered in SETUP menu) and Classification (physical locations previously entered in SETUP menu). Entering the Brand, Model and Capacity allow you to further describe the individual piece of equipment; and entering Unit Location detail provides a further breakdown of the piece of equipment's precise location.
Assigning Maintenance:
Initial Date is the date that the equipment is first set up. This is key, because all preventative maintenance cycles are scheduled from this initial date forward.
Maintenance Profile (previously created in the SETUP menu) When adding a piece of equipment, by simply selecting the corresponding Maintenance profile, EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software will automatically schedule all the various preventive maintenance events that need to be done for that particular kind of equipment, thus saving a great deal of time and trouble in setting up equipment. The Maintenance Profile selected is displayed in the lower left corner.
Comments field allows you to enter notes on what to watch out for during preventative maintenance on this specific piece of equipment. The Comments will show up on the equipment record throughout EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software and will even print on the work-order.
Customize Captions option allows you to input your own fields to describe your equipment even further. For example, if you wanted to enter in a Warranty Date field where your operators would have to fill out the date, you would choose so with this feature.
Customer drop down menu allows you to assign this equipment to a specific customer.
Reproduce by clicking on the Reproduce button, located in the bottom right square you can quickly duplicate an equipment record. This important timesaving feature allows for a number of identical or similar pieces of equipment, printers for example, to be entered. Once you have entered all the data on one specific printer, you may simply click on Reproduce and it will create a new equipment record with all of the basic information filled out, such as the Maintenance Profile and so forth. Then you would enter the equipment piece's unique Internal Control and Serial Number. If you wish to amend the brand, model, capacity, etc. and save, you may. You can enter a great deal of equipment with the Reproduce feature simply and easily, and you don't have to keep retyping in basic printer information, for example, if you have one hundred printers to enter.

Click here to view sample reports
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Setting Up EZ Maintenance
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Creating Work Orders
1. How do we schedule maintenance and service? Do we have to type in each service date?
  No. You simply enter the preventive maintenance or service to be performed, and then enter the cycle; i.e. every day, every week, every month, etc. EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software will automatically schedule the preventive maintenance or service on an on going basis from the day you schedule the first maintenance on the cycle you have selected. In other words, if you, for example, have a preventive maintenance or service you want to have take place once each week, when you enter the work you want done weekly, EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software will automatically schedule that preventive maintenance to take place weekly thereafter.