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Equipment Setup Details
Equipment Names allow you to quickly sort and find equipment by category. First, enter general Equipment Name categories. Then enter specific equipment items under the general category. For example, a general category Equipment Name could be "Computer"; then, each and every individual computer will be entered & listed under the general "Computer" category.
Equipment Classification allows you to quickly sort and find equipment by physical location. For example, your company may have a main office, a factory, and a storage location or have equipment located at various client site locals. You can list outside customers by individual company names, i.e. "Joe's Corporation", to sort and locate all equipment at his specific company.
Maintenance Types lists time intervals when maintenance is to be performed on equipment. These types will be as varied as your needs from daily inspections, to 30-day maintenance to Overhaul and so forth. The Maintenance Types are used when scheduling maintenance for particular equipment pieces and when creating Work Orders.
Materials data setup is a comprehensive list of the various parts actually used in maintaining the equipment. Materials could include belts, bearings, bulbs; you name it. The data fields allow for entering specific Material Numbers along with short descriptions. Later, the entered Materials will appear on future drop down menus.
A Maintenance Profile provides an exact description of the scheduled, preventative maintenance for each piece of equipment, essentially detailing the when, what and how needed to maintain that piece of equipment. A particular piece of equipment will have multiple and recurring maintenance events, (i.e.: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) in the course of a year. Each event must be described in detail listing all the Operations and specific Materials, etc. required to perform the maintenance. Doing this over and over again for each piece of similar equipment, (same make and model, for example) is time-consuming and involved, but not so, using EZ Maintenance. Once a Maintenance Profile is created for a particular type or model of equipment, it can be quickly & easily used for each additional piece of equipment, which is of the same type & model. For example, after the Maintenance Profile is created for a particular kind of equipment, say a "37-B drill press"; then when the next "37-B drill press" is entered, all the user needs to do is simply select the Maintenance Profile for a "37-B drill press" from the drop down menu, and EZ Maintenance will set up and schedule the exact same recurring maintenance schedule with all details for the second "37-B drill press" (and every other "37-B drill press" entered, thereafter). The Maintenance Profile is a key element of EZ Maintenance, as it is a valuable time & trouble saving feature. In summary, by first creating and entering a Maintenance Profile for a specific equipment piece and then selecting that profile from the drop down list when entering new pieces of equipment of the same type, all maintenance events will automatically be set up for the new equipment entered and maintenance scheduling will begin from the date each piece of new equipment is entered forward.
To create a new Maintenance Profile, click New. (For demonstration purposes, the screen you see here has data previously entered). Begin by choosing the Profile Name and then describe it in detail in the Description area. This 'snapshot' screen lists all maintenance, (including recurring), that needs to take place, the number of days in between each maintenance, and finally when the maintenance is due. Later when maintenance is due, EZ Maintenance will alert you with a 'pop up' on the Maintenance Due screen; when completed, it automatically reschedules itself!
Next click New Detail to continue creating the new Maintenance Profile. The three sections Materials, Operations and Parts to Maintain shown as tabs on the lower screen, contain the remaining data areas to complete. The Materials tab allows you to choose, from a drop-down list, the Materials that have been previously entered into the Materials portion of the SETUP menu. The Material part Number, Name and actual Quantity required to perform that specific type of maintenance is listed.

The Operations tab similarly allows choice from previously entered Operations by using a drop-down menu and lists all Operations in sequence. When the Memo field of an Operation is double-clicked, the exact instructions that will be printed out on a future Work Order can be viewed. Lastly, the Materials can be printed as a pick list and the Operations printed on a Work Order in a step-by-step detailed process specifying what's required to complete the job.

The Parts tab allows you to select specific parts of an individual piece of equipment which need their own maintenance at period intervals.