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Entering and Viewing Equipment
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Maintenance Due Reports
Click here to see a video on Viewing Maintenance Due.
Maintenance Due
Being able to quickly and easily determine which preventive maintenance is due and overdue is one of the most important issues in tracking and controlling preventive maintenance. A complete schedule of preventive maintenance, for any time period, can be pulled using EZ Maintenance equipment maintenance software. A user can easily view Maintenance Due schedules By Equipment or By Date.

"By Equipment" displays the following screen: 'Maintenance Due Sorted By Equipment'.
Maintenance Due Sorted By Equipment lists the equipment to be maintained, and the preventive maintenance due for each equipment unit. For any Equipment Name selected, you will see a list of all its pending preventive maintenance. Projected maintenance due and open Work Orders are viewed here.
Locate functions assist in quickly finding equipment from the list on the table in the middle of the screen.
Type to Locate Select the equipment detail you wish to enter for sorting purposes, then type in that detail, and click Locate. The particular equipment piece you've chosen will be highlighted in the lower screen.
Scan a Barcode to Locate Select the Barcode scan format, then scan the equipment Barcode, and click Locate. The particular equipment piece you've scanned will be highlighted in the lower screen.

New Unscheduled Work Order Emergency, unplanned preventive maintenance requires clicking on New Unscheduled Work Order. Use the drop down menus (pre-entered SETUP data) to select a piece of equipment, fill in its details, and the required preventive maintenance to be covered in the New Unscheduled Work Order.
Create/Edit Work Order
Create or edit a Work Order for a preventive maintenance event by first selecting the event from the lower left grid, then clicking the Create/Edit Work Order button. A preventive maintenance Work Order is then created and a Work Order Number is assigned automatically.
Assign Work Orders
Clicking the Assign Work Orders button will take you to a screen that will allow you to assign each work order you create to a specific person or employee. This is to be done by Managers and Supervisors only.
Calendar creates a visual agenda of preventive maintenance events, which are past due, due today, this week, this month, etc., by selecting the specific date range you wish to view.
Next Due Date column, on the far left, is important as it lists the oldest, uncompleted preventive maintenance events or opened, but not completed Work Orders. If the manager determines a preventive maintenance event should have a Work Order produced, he/she will simply select the event and click Create/Edit Work Order.
Notes & Exceptions fields allow the supervisor to enter notes as to what was done, or if there were any variances. Both fields accept a great deal of typed information for precise note sharing.
Performed By establishes accountability for the equipment's preventive maintenance history.
Approved By Only a supervisor with the proper password may sign off or close a Work Order.
Assigned To allows a manager to assign the work order to a specific employee.
Labor Hours, Materials Cost & Equipment Down Time are entered by the supervisor closing out the Work Order.
Materials, Operations, Parts are automatically entered based on set up of the Maintenance Profile.
Click here to view an actual Work Order
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Entering and Viewing Equipment
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Maintenance Due Reports
1. How do we track what work was actually done and when?
  Completed preventive maintenance and service activity can either be electronically signed off as completed within EZ Maintenance preventive maintenance software by the person performing the work, or a work order with a signature line can be printed, which can be signed by the person performing the work, and then filed as a hard copy. Such work orders contain a list of all procedures to be performed and the materials to be used, so once signed a verified record exists that not only the preventive maintenance or service was performed, but the exact procedures followed and the parts and materials used, and all costs.
2. What happens if we miss a scheduled maintenance or service?
  EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software allows a supervisor to note the reason, and to reschedule the work (this must be done by a supervisor so work cannot be missed or rescheduled without management control). When the work is rescheduled and completed, EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software automatically adjusts the calendar by rescheduling the balance of the maintenance . In other words, if a weekly preventive maintenance day is missed by four days, and the work is then done, EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software reschedules the rest of the maintenance weekly from the day the work was actually done.
3. Can we enter both detailed instructions on how the scheduled maintenance or service is to be performed and the parts and materials required?
  Yes, and a work order can be printed listing all procedure and parts/materials.