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Maintenance Schedules for Equipment
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Viewing Maintenance Due
Watch a Video on Viewing and Entering Your Equipment in EZ Maintenance.

Viewing Your Equipment in EZ Maintenance

You can use EZ Maintenance preventive maintenance software to track maintenance for a virtually unlimited amount of equipment.

At one screen in EZ Maintenance, you can see, at a glance, all of the equipment that you have entered into EZ Maintenance:

Equipment Search: If the list of equipment you are tracking is long, you can search for a piece of equipment by entering its identifying number, its manufacturer's serial number, or the type of equipment:

Barcode Search: If you have printed barcoded labels or stickers for your equipment using EZ Maintenance, you can also search for a piece of equipment by using a barcode reader to swipe that equipment's barcode into EZ Maintenance.

Category Filter: You can also make it so the list of equipment only displays those belonging to a certain classification; this means that, for example, you could have the list of equipment display only those stored at a particular location. You just choose the desired category from a list and the list of equipment is changed to display only those belonging to the selected category.

Entering Equipment into EZ Maintenance

Entering new equipment into EZ Maintenance is easy. You simply click on the New button at the screen where you the list of your equipment (as shown above) and the following window opens where you enter the information about the equipment you are entering:

Giving Your New Equipment a Preventive Maintenance Schedule: To set up a maintenance schedule for your new equipment, all you have to do is select a maintenance profile from the Maintenance Profile menu:

Each maintenance profile is an entire maintenance schedule for some type of equipment. Maintenance profiles, in addition to specifying the complete maintenance schedule (the maintenance events and the frequency at which they occur), also include the materials, replacement parts, and operations that are required in each maintenance event that is scheduled. EZ Maintenance gives you the ability to create a number of different maintenance profiles, and each one can contain a maintenance schedule for a different type of equipment. This implies that it's very easy to set up maintenance schedules for a large number of equipment, as you don't have to enter detailed information for the maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment you're entering; you simply choose the appropriate maintenance profile.

You must also enter the following information about the new equipment at this window:

Equipment Unit ID: The Equipment Unit ID is the unique internal control number you assign to identify the piece of equipment and the manufacturer's serial number for it. The internal control number is used to identify the piece of equipment throughout EZ Maintenance such as in menus and lists.

Equipment Unit Description: Descriptive information about the piece of equipment: what type of equipment it is, what brand and model it is, its capacity, its classification, and where it is located.

Maintenance: This is some maintenance-related information for the piece of equipment. The Start Date is the date on which the equipment's preventive maintenance schedule starts from. The Starting Usage is the amount of usage (typically measured in hours) which the equipment already has upon being inputted into EZ Maintenance. The Maintenance Profile is a complete description of the maintenance schedule for the piece of equipment.

Customer: If you are servicing the equipment for an outside customer, you can choose that customer from this menu.

Custom Fields: EZ Maintenance also gives you six custom fields that have names which you can specify:

Reproducing a Piece of Equipment

You can also create a new piece of equipment in EZ Maintenance exactly like an existing one. This is called Reproducing a piece of equipment. This creates a new piece of equipment exactly like an existing one, although you have to choose a new internal control number for the new equipment.

This is done using the Reproduce button:

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Maintenance Schedules for Equipment
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Viewing Maintenance Due
1. How do we schedule maintenance and service? Do we have to type in each service date?
  No. You simply enter the preventive maintenance or service to be performed, and then enter the cycle; i.e. every day, every week, every month, etc. EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software will automatically schedule the preventive maintenance or service on an on going basis from the day you schedule the first maintenance on the cycle you have selected. In other words, if you, for example, have a preventive maintenance or service you want to have take place once each week, when you enter the work you want done weekly, EZ Maintenance fleet maintenance software will automatically schedule that preventive maintenance to take place weekly thereafter.