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The Top 10 products of 2003

According to the number of bingo-card inquiries and corporate Website hits by readers of Landscape & Irrigation, these were the 10 most intriguing products that ran on our pages in the calendar year 2003. In case you missed them first time around, here they are one more time. --J.R.

TT-Link-It#3: Vehicle maintenance in one packagethermometers_scaled

EZ Maintenance is a network-ready, multi-user Windows software program designed to schedule, track, keep histories of and produce work orders for all maintenance on any type of equipment or vehicle (including tires). EZ Maintenance also tracks costs, hours, and downtime for repairs.

The program includes more than 80 reports and has a link to Excel. EZ Maintenance also allows for the use of bar codes to track equipment and maintenance events. All modules for both equipment and vehicle maintenance are included.

The software package produces maintenance calendars and complete maintenance histories, so that recurring maintenance can be scheduled for up to a year in advance. Emergency maintenance can be inserted at any time and added to the maintenance history.

On the vehicle side, EZ Maintenance tracks vehicle and driver's-license information (including driver incidents), and produces a report showing all expiring licenses 30 days in advance.

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