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The research areas/projects listed below have been identified as appropriate for
DOE/OHVT support/funding with industry cost-sharing. The focus of government-
sponsored/industry-cost-shared research is on proof-of-concept studies and tests, to be followed
by developmental studies and demonstration, leading to ultimate commercialization by industry.
Benefits/Cost Analyses
Perform analyses to quantify energy savings and emissions reduction that are
possible from aggregated benefits directly or indirectly attributed to improved
thermal-management systems.
Evaluate benefits and costs of introducing a 42-volt electrical system.*
Advanced Concept Development
Develop and demonstrate a controlled-nucleate-boiling cooling system;
project would include fundamental studies of flow boiling mechanisms.
Evaluate/develop/demonstrate waste-heat-recovery/utilization technologies,
including waste heat recovery heat exchangers, thermoelectric converters and
storage devices.
Evaluate/develop/demonstrate heat-pipe technology.*
Advanced Heat Exchangers and Heat Transfer Fluids
Develop new materials (e.g., carbon foams and carbon/carbon composites) for
application in cooling system components, including heat exchangers;
fabricate and demonstrate prototype heat exchanger.
Further develop and gain understanding of nanofluid technology for improving heat
transfer characteristics of coolants and engine oils; develop and demonstrate product.
*A "paper study" with industry input is recommended as the initial phase of this project (subtask) to identify the
benefits (energy savings, efficiency, performance), barriers (cost, weight, materials, durability), and technical
CMMS Fleet Maintenance Software for Fleet, Vehicle, & Equipment Maintenance

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