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Electronic flow control valves.
Higher-capacity control module for integrated system control.
Operating Specifications/Strategies
Implement anti-idling technologies and/or practices.
Increase allowable engine temperatures; increase maximum allowable coolant
temperature exiting engine to about 260°F to increase
Fuels and Emissions
Lobby to change emission standard to g/mile basis.
Develop fuel specifications for reduced emissions.
Evaluate/develop non-EGR emissions reduction options.
Need for component/equipment suppliers to work more closely with each
other and with truck OEMs to address goals of improving thermal
management systems.
Optimize thermal-management-system designs; this may require removing
certain options formerly available, but should benefit the customer in the long
run; the customer needs to be educated.
Facilitate system simulation with system-modeling data provided by suppliers,
along with their subsystem component.
Learn from the automobile industry.
Educate fleet and individual-owner operators on the benefits of anti-idling.
CMMS Fleet Maintenance Software for Fleet, Vehicle, & Equipment Maintenance

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