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Maintenance Software Can Now Be Included With Manufacturers' Equipment For As Low As $50.00 Per Unit Under California Software Company OEM Program
17 Oct, 2003
VALENCIA, CA - October 17, 2003 (INB) -- Manufacturers of virtually any type of equipment can now include customized maintenance software with their products for as low as $50.00 to $200.00 per unit under a new OEM program announced today by California based Pinacia Inc.. Pinacia produces EZ Maintenance, a maintenance tracking, scheduling, and costing Windows software program for both equipment and vehicles. EZ Maintenance retails for $1,495.00 to end users. Retail sales, which are ongoing, have been very strong, with customers ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small companies with only a few pieces of equipment or vehicles to track. Under Link It's OEM program, depending on volume, manufacturers can bundle a customized version of the same $1,495.00 software package with their equipment for as little as $50.00 to $200.00 per unit. As part of the customization, the maintenance software can be "pre-loaded" with all maintenance schedules and requirements for specific equipment. The software's inventory module can also be “pre-loaded” with all of the parts and materials customers need to order from the manufacturer to perform maintenance and repairs.

"Our new OEM program is designed to work in much the same manner as the arrangements software companies make with computer manufacturers to "bundle" their software with new computers," explained Pinacia CEO, Wayne McFarland. "When a manufacturer contracts with us to include a customized EZ Maintenance software package with each piece of equipment they sell, we can develop a per unit price for EZ Maintenance that is so reasonable it just doesn't make sense for them to try to create and support maintenance software in house. Best of all, EZ Maintenance is fully developed, proven in the market place, and ready to go. It can be customized for specific equipment, loaded with inventory items, and be ready to ship very quickly."

McFarland added that the OEM program is structured to work as a full service add on to a manufacturer's equipment. He stated that this was accomplished by using a multi-faceted approach.

"We recognize that for our OEM program to have value to a manufacturer, we must not only provide excellent, customized maintenance software at an unbeatable price, but we need to provide that software 'hassle free' insofar as our manufacturer clients are concerned. We do that by providing all elements, from customization of a market proven maintenance program, to tech support for end users, to the inclusion of an easy to follow, step by step video training program. We'll even add the manufacturer's logo to the splash screen of the software itself."

The OEM program produces real benefits to both the equipment manufacturer and to the manufacturer's customers, said McFarland. "The manufacturer gets a maintenance program for their equipment, ready to ship to their customers right away, at a terrific price. Loading the inventory section of the maintenance software with the manufacturer's parts and materials really locks in ongoing parts orders. We can even set up the software to automatically E Mail parts and materials P.O.s directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer's customers receive a free multi-user/network ready maintenance software package, which sells in the open market for $1,495.00. That customer can not only use the software for taking care of the maintenance needs of the manufacturer's equipment, but for all the other equipment and vehicles that customer has as well. The good will factor is terrific, not even considering the real bottom line benefits to all involved."