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Link It Corporation Announces Major Product Launch
02 May, 2006

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds today announced that Pinacia Inc., recently brought to Milbank, South Dakota through the aggressive efforts of the Governor's Office of Economic Development and local communities, has initiated an international product launch for their new web-based product, EZ Maintenance Web. Also announced was that Link It has concluded their initial round of hiring at their Milbank offices and has begun their second wave of hiring.

“We are pleased to see that our efforts to bring high tech companies, such as Link It, to South Dakota are paying off,” said South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds. “With Link It's first major product launch since expanding to South Dakota late last year, we have proven to the entire nation that South Dakota has the technical resources to be a competitive force in the high tech software industry.”

Governor Rounds went on to say that he is excited that Link It has initiated their second round of hiring. Link It's initial hires included a staff to manage sales, product development, technical services, and customer services, as well as to work with California-based project managers.

“Link It has provided jobs to our state that would normally be found only in major software sectors, such as New York, Los Angeles, or the Silicon Valley,” stated Jafar Karim, Director, Governor's Office of Economic Development. “By hiring locally, Link It is allowing South Dakota's high tech labor force to remain right here where they belong.”

Pinacia currently has three products, which are sold world wide. Job Master is designed to run job shops and small to medium-sized manufacturers. EZ Maintenance schedules and controls maintenance for all types of equipment and vehicles. The newly launched EZ Maintenance Web (www.ezm-web.com) is a web-based service that provides scheduling, tracking, and managing maintenance for any type of equipment and any type of vehicle, plus full inventory control from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Link It's software offerings have thousands of users throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Link It's customers range from small companies to large firms such as Disney, G.E., Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman, Shell Oil, White Sands Missile Range, Los Alamos Labs and others.

“Our initial goal in moving to South Dakota was to hire and setup a core team to sell and support our products” stated Link It CEO, Wayne McFarland. “We are so pleased with the professionals we hired that we have decided to focus our entire Sales and Support efforts exclusively in South Dakota.”

McFarland added that, based on initial successes, Link It has initiated the second wave of hiring, focusing mainly on Technical Sales and Customer Support professionals.

Link It is taking a different approach in searching for candidates to fill their latest positions. “We are working to form close relationships with area universities and professors to attract recent graduates for these professional positions,” stated Link It President, Dr. Gloria McFarland, Ph.D. “We feel the positions we are offering are a great opportunity for graduating students and will be a major kick start to their professional career. As importantly, these professional positions keep skilled college graduates in South Dakota.”