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04 Aug, 2005

EZ MAINTENANCE Version 2.8 is Link-It software's latest full-powered, but affordable, maintenance control software offering a total solution to all business and commercial maintenance requirements. The software schedules, manages and tracks all costs and histories of routine preventative maintenance or random occurring repairs for any type of business asset including all equipment and vehicles. Complete tracking systems offered are for an infinite number of identifiable units with all associated costs and parts inventory. The newly released version of EZ MAINTENANCE includes a full inventory module, over 80 reports and a free linking module to Excel for any special reporting needs users may have. Version 2.8 also offers free tech support and comes with a free video training program for quick implementation.

EZ MAINTENANCE Software, which is multi-user and network ready, retails for $1,495.00. It has been in the marketplace for over three years, and users range from firms with as few as 10 employees to Fortune 500 companies. EZ MAINTENANCE'S intuitive and self-prompting structure with drop-down menus, throughout, allows new users with entry-level to no computer literacy to use the program quickly and productively for equipment unit tracking, maintenance calendar scheduling, issuing of work orders, parts or materials inventory control and complete management reporting. Special features include: Supports bar coding for equipment unit or parts identification; work orders automatically printout step by step instructions on how to perform a particular maintenance coupled with a required parts and materials list; supervisory password control for multi-level permissions- only a supervisor can approve or edit a maintenance history or alter schedules; wide-ranging report capability. EZ MAINTENANCE users enter and track equipment by class, category, and individual serial number or assigned identifier. Users can pull reports on past maintenance history for every unit - tells what was done, when, parts used, and who did the work. Scheduling for routine maintenance or emergency needs are easily calendared, and tasks required and their frequency can be entered for each equipment or vehicle unit. The program automatically calendars the maintenance on a recurring basis for as long as the operator wishes and can produce print outs of all schedules for any individual piece of equipment, for departments or for the entire company on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual need basis. Report graphics capability allows company logo printing on reports.

Fleet maintenance needs are a major business activity and the new EZ MAINTENANCE software package supports the recording and tracking of such critical details as: Mileage, engine hours, fuel usage, tire wear miles, tire position, rotation, oil/fluid /filter changes, off-site vehicle locations, etc. for cars, trucks, heavy construction equipment, airplanes or boats. Vehicles may be tracked and compared by fuel consumption. The program tracks and documents vehicle and operator licensing, expiration dates, driver incidents, special training and qualifications.