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Link It Corporation Announces EZ Maintenance Web
02 May, 2006

VALENCIA, CA – May 2, 2006 -- Pinacia Inc. announced today the launch a new web-based service, EZ Maintenance Web (EZM Web), for scheduling, tracking, and managing maintenance for any type of equipment and any type of vehicle, plus full inventory control from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Based on Link Software's Windows network-ready EZ Maintenance software, EZM Web includes all the features of the network-ready version, with additional features made possible by its web-based architecture. EZM Web is fully scalable and is designed to support the maintenance needs of large companies with hundreds of employees and multiple offices, as well as smaller firms with just a few pieces of equipment or vehicles to manage. EZM Web's pricing model is based on the customer's needs, with online maintenance accounts starting as low as $50 per month.

“Our network-ready version of EZ Maintenance, which now has hundreds of installations and thousands of users, allowed us to really refine a user friendly maintenance program for companies large and small,” stated Link It CEO, Wayne McFarland. “Easy Maintenance Web not only has all of our market proven features, it includes new and exclusive Web features to enable our customers to harness the power of the Internet and take greater control of their maintenance and inventory tracking; all without the cost of maintaining a dedicated IT staff.”

McFarland added that the exclusive Web based features of EZM Web include such things as e-mail alerts, special passwords for customers or tenants to request maintenance and check status online, the assigning work orders to vendors and employees via E Mail, invoicing, and even a link to third party accounting software.

When asked about customer interest in EZM Web, McFarland answered, “As our network product moved into the worldwide market, an increasing number of customers from all types of businesses began asking for an online approach to maintenance and inventory tracking. EZM Web is the solution. Prior to EZM Web's launch, several Fortune 1000 companies, along with a variety of smaller firms, committed to contracts for its use. We believe the market is hungry for this type of service. This is an exciting product that will be very popular with anyone with needs to track maintenance. EZM Web has a pricing model for any size company whether they have a handful of pieces of equipment and vehicles to track, or thousands at multiple locations worldwide.”

EZM Web's features allow users to control, track, and schedule preventative maintenance for unlimited numbers of pieces of equipment or vehicles, regardless of the type of equipment or vehicle. EZM Web also includes a complete inventory tracking module. User-specific passwords can be issued which control the level of access to EZM Web's various features.

EZM Web allows users to set up a password protected company account with password protected logins for employees. Further, if a user has divisions for which maintenance is to be tracked separately, each division can have its own separate maintenance tracking and scheduling account.

If an EZM Web subscriber uses outside subcontractors to perform maintenance work, EZM Web provides the capability to assign online work orders to subcontractors and for those subcontractors to use a unique login to access work orders assigned to them (after being alerted by e-mail). Once the sub-contractor completes the work, EZM Web allows the subcontractor to close the work order and prepare an invoice.

EZM Web–two

The invoice from the subcontractor can be marked up and forwarded to the customer for whom the work was done, and can also be transferred to an accounting program. A company's own employees can also be alerted by e-mail when work orders are due to be completed.

“EZM Web is another example of how the Internet tends to significantly impact a company's bottom line, making them more efficient,” stated EZM Web designer and Link It President, Dr. Gloria McFarland, Ph.D. “Now, by accessing real time information over the Internet, users will be able to gain greater control over their maintenance and inventory tracking information. Besides the features that make the original EZ Maintenance software popular, EZM Web's exclusive features, such as multiple password protected accounts, online work orders for subcontractors, and online maintenance requests, will greatly enhance each customer's daily operations.”

Applications of EZM Web are numerous. For example, international corporations can view and maintain their maintenance efforts in real time from anywhere in the world. Whether they are in the field, traveling, or in the office, users can manage all aspects of the maintenance process. For less than the price of a cable TV subscription, smaller companies can access world class maintenance software to track their own maintenance, as well as their customers' needs as professionally as much larger firms.

Another application of EZM Web is for customer submitted work order requests. For example, property managers can allow tenants to submit online work requests. The tenant can then monitor their online account where they can view the status of each work order request they submit. The property manager also benefits by having all requests centrally located, without having to manually take work order requests or follow up by phone.