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Affordable Maintenance Software For Both Equipment and Vehicles, Network/Multi-User Ready. Now Includes Video Training CD.
26 Jan, 2004

VALENCIA, CA – January 26, 2004 -- Pinacia Inc. announced today that its award winning EZ Maintenance software package for equipment and vehicles now includes a full video training program on CD at no extra charge.

“This has proven to be a real cost savings for our customers,” stated Link It CEO, Wayne McFarland. “For the flat price of $1,495.00, purchasers of EZ Maintenance now not only receive the multi-user/network ready version of EZ Maintenance with all modules, but they also get a step by step training video CD. This speeds up implementation dramatically and takes care of training through a fully indexed, step by step video.”

“EZ Maintenance is ready to install on any Windows PC or on any Windows or Novell network,” related McFarland. Right out of the box, EZ Maintenance is network/multi-user ready and now initial training and subsequent questions can be addressed through a step by step video CD.

“EZ Maintenance is a complete, very user friendly, Windows based maintenance software package. The software is designed to track and schedule maintenance for any type of equipment or vehicles a company may be using, and there's no limit to the number of vehicles or pieces of equipment the software will track. Both the equipment maintenance and the vehicle maintenance modules come with EZ Maintenance for the one price; there's nothing extra to purchase.”

McFarland went on to say that the marketing philosophy behind EZ Maintenance is to offer the marketplace a turn-key, full featured, economical maintenance software package ready for users to install and begin using right away. “We don't require ongoing licensing fees or contracts, and when we offer upgrades they're optional. If our customers like the features of an upgrade, they can purchase it, but they're not required to do so. Everything is included in EZ Maintenance for one flat price; all modules, unlimited entry rights for equipment or vehicles, full multi-user/network ready capabilities and the video training on CD.”

McFarland also emphasized that there is free tech support for the software. “We offer free phone tech support for installing EZ Maintenance on a network and related work stations and we provide unlimited, ongoing free tech support via E Mail. We do provide ongoing phone tech support for a small charge, but our new video training CD has virtually eliminated the need for our clients to purchase ongoing phone support.”

McFarland stated that not only will EZ Maintenance produce work orders for all required maintenance on any type of equipment or vehicle, but it also produces complete histories of all maintenance performed; what was done, by whom and when, along with the costs of labor and parts. Maintenance can be scheduled by mileage or time intervals or a combination of both.

“Also,” added McFarland, “equipment to be maintained can be bar coded, allowing a maintenance procedure to begin with a simple “swipe” of the bar code. EZ Maintenance also tracks vehicle and driver license information, driver incidents, license expiration dates, and tire information. “EZ Maintenance,” he concluded, “is everything a company needs to maintain equipment or vehicles in one complete software package, affordably priced and easy to use. With our complete support package and video training CD, even the unsophisticated computer user can be tracking maintenance and issuing work orders very soon after installing the software.”

According to McFarland, since EZ Maintenance's release into the marketplace almost two years ago, it has been purchased by companies ranging in size from a handful of employees to some of the largest corporations in the nation. He related that EZ Maintenance has garnered numerous positive reviews and won awards ranging from “Top Ten Products Of 2003” to Novell's “Cool Solutions, all of which can be viewed, along with full product information, at www.linkitsoftware.com .”